SPX Stone/Fenner Solenoid Coil EF-1126, Deltrol 10164-13, 12VDC $ 79.99 Add to cart; Related products. SPX Stone/Fenner 4763-ACE, 2-HP, 1PH, A/C Motor for Auto Hoist Units, 2-Post Lift, Hydraulic Power Pack $ 509.99 Add to cart; SPX Stone/Fenner VF-9021, Manual Release Valve, DMR2-080-N $ 69.99 Add to cart; SPX Stone/Fenner 1 Gal. Steel .... The FLEX Series refrigerated air dryer provides increased reliability and optimal dew point performance from 0 to 100% load conditions, while offering load profile flexibility, reduced capital cost, and industry-leading energy savings. Look to Hankison, a premiere brand of SPX FLOW, for savings finally realized. "/>Spx asi valve